Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekly Goals 2/17/2014

Setting weekly goals is important for me and important for all freelancers really. It's about deciding how much you're going to make this week, what you are going to accomplish, etc. I keep the goals realistic and easy to attain -- after all I work at home with two kids.

It's President's Day, but for me it is just another Monday. I have work today and clients that expect to receive their work -- whether banks and other places are closed today or not.

What about you guys? Any goals you've set for this week?


  1. Earn $600 for the week (lately I've fallen short by $25 - $70)
  2. Create a content calendar for my blogs

See...simple. $600 per week seems like such a small amount, but in all reality it's hard to do these days for me. Between the kids, errands, etc. $600 is like my white whale of earnings. I'm hoping this week to do it. Every week I start off strong breaking $300 by Wednesday, and then Thursday and Friday mess it all up.

Do you have any goals this week? Professional or personal?

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