Bad Egg List

Curious what clients/sites to avoid? Check out my bad egg list here. Have a bad egg experience yourself? Leave a comment and we will add it to the list.

685 E. I-10 Service Road
Slidell, LA 70461-5501

Phone: 1 (800) 688-0295
These wonderful people stole an article I published on ezine as well as stole a blog right from this very blog here and reposted it on their site. Not only did they swap out the author name with their own, there is no link or credit to my writing the original article or where they received the article. I have reported this company to Ezine as well as called an attorney. Copyright infringement is a serious crime and not tolerated. Not only does this company claim to help people, like freelance writers, to get jobs, but they apparently steal from work-from-home freelance writers as well.

IcyWrite (CEO Rachell Margaret)
South Richmond Hill, NY 11419

I would list their website, however, according to Google it is now listed as malicious and harmful. However, Rachell Margaret I worked with when she was at another copywriting company. Since then she has started her own and on 11/16 she contacted me to write two last minute press releases. I took an hour out of my day to accommodate this urgent request and after she received them she ignored my messages from then on out, did not pay, but posted those press releases on the internet. I have sent her numerous messages including links to the stolen press releases to rectify this situation and she has ignored each and every one. I have contacted the company that posted those press releases (the company I assume hired her to write them) and notified them that the press releases are not paid for; therefore IcyWrite and Rachell Margaret do not have the right to publish them. Do not work for this company. They steal articles from writers and apparently cannot maintain a safe website for viewers to even see. I will be contacting an attorney about IcyWrite and Rachell Margaret publishing stolen work as well.

Devenia or Richard Rahlston
Yahoo Email/Messenger:
oDesk ID: Richardrahl
Company Name (listed on oDesk): Devenia
Possible Website Address:

This client was found on oDesk. Though most clients found on oDesk are honest, this client is not.

He did not pay for his week's worth of assignments from myself and then decided to disappear on both email, oDesk and messenger. oDesk suspended his contract because of other complaints and he is under investigation. I believe he takes his work from another content site and then sends it out to collect money on it.

I will be contacting any site that is posting the articles I wrote to let them know they are not paid for and therefore are being used illegally.

Do not work for this client. See contact names and information below to avoid him. He is based out of the United Kingdom.