Monday, December 30, 2013

New Years 2014 Resolutions: I'll Tell You Mine, If You Tell Me Yours

The time of year has come where we all look at the start of a new year as the perfect opportunity to improve -- and with that comes the New Years Resolutions list. I'm not going to lie, for years I skipped out on the whole list idea, simply because I felt that waiting for the start of a new year to change was well, silly. But, as I get older I find that the start of the year makes it easier to meet a lot of goals -- mostly financial goals -- that I wouldn't be able to start mid-year as well as I can on January 1st.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Getting Into the Christmas Spirit - Holiday Treats, Presents Under the Tree and Keurig Coffee

Christmas is here and even though December 1st rolls out and everyone has their lights up, trees out and festivities going on, it takes me a few weeks to really get into the Christmas spirit. Usually it takes a combination of setting up the house, baking off the holiday treats and using the right Keurig cups -- yes, you heard me right.

This year I did all of my holiday baking extra early. Normally I wait until the week before Christmas, so we can enjoy the treats during Christmas, but this year my goal is to do absolutely NOTHING the week of Christmas. Well, perhaps I'll open a few presents, add on a few pounds, and go to family events, but my services are done for the year as of December 20th.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Shopping 2013: I Thought I Was Done
This year the man and I hit the stores and did a power shopping session, picking up gifts we needed for everyone on a single Sunday. In Utah, Sunday's are prime for Christmas shopping, because no one is out. Also, we didn't feel like fighting the crowds -- because we all know how insane those lines can get the closer it gets to December 25th. We finished and were satisfied we were done, until I realized this morning we forgot two people. Darn.

It was too good to be true! I'm tempted to shop online for these last two gifts, but already the gifts I ordered last month are slowly trickling in now, December 12th. I don't think I want to risk it.

You can thank Walmart for that. They offer "free shipping" that is supposed to arrive in five business days, but what they don't tell you is that it takes 5-10 days for them to assemble your package and ship it. Then it's FIVE MORE DAYS on top of that. I have gifts I ordered November 30th and December 1st and they won't arrive until December 20th!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What is the Lowest You Would Charge for Your Work?

There is nothing worse than reading a job offer that contains the following question:

"What is the lowest you're willing to charge for your work?"

While I understand there are writers out there willing to stoop to less than a penny a word, I have over 10 years experience; therefore, I deserve my dues. I research, I'm thorough and I'm a darn good writer. No I'm not tooting my own horn, I'm stating the facts.

Friday, November 22, 2013

My Favorite FREE Blog Planners

Having a blog is all about being organized with your time, planning out your posts and keeping up with an endless list of to-do's. Well, that is if you want to make money off your blog. The best way to stay organized is a blog planner.

Now sure you could make your own, but why take the time out of your day when there are so many FREE awesome blog planners online? I have rounded up my absolute favorite free printable blog planners so you can visit, print and get started with your own blog.

Part of my 2014 New Year's resolutions will be to blog more frequently. I spent a lot of time on my One Cheap Utah Chick blog, but honestly I no longer have time to keep up with it. This blog, however, is my baby and always has been. So you can bet you'll see a lot more posts in 2014!

Okay, now for the free printable blog planners.

New Book in the Works!

I am proud to say that I finally have started on another book. The outline is complete and I'm excited about getting started.  It's going to be a book all about freelance writing from home as a stay-at-home mom. I have seen and heard too many misconceptions about this lately, which is why I was inspired to get the real truth out about what it's REALLY like to work from home with kids. TV and the Internet make it seem as though working from home with kids is a breeze. You'll make tons, look great and it all works out perfect. WRONG. While you can make plenty and look great, it sure takes a lot more work than driving to an office Monday through Friday. So, I hope with this book I can help you current freelancers or aspiring freelancers understand the truth about working from home.

No release date as of yet, but I'm hoping it will be done by the first of January. Maybe I'll set it as my New Year's resolution.

Monday, September 9, 2013

How to Get More Freelance Jobs

When you work in a regular job you're stuck with the hours and income. You can't decide one day to earn more -- unless that job has tons of overtime opportunities. As a freelancer you're in complete control of your income. Of course, that could also be a bad thing. If you want to make more one week (or one month) you need to know how to get more freelance jobs. Getting freelance work isn't easy -- you have tons of competition! But, there are ways you can stand out when you fill your applications and turn them in.

Keep reading to learn how to get more freelance jobs....

Monday, September 2, 2013

When You Freelance, Holidays Don't Matter

It's Labor Day! While everyone's off at their family gatherings, BBQs, or just sitting at home enjoying the 3rd day of their three-day weekend I'm working. As a freelance writer, holidays really don't mean much anymore. Especially if you have international clients. I have clients who are from all over, and my holidays don't mean squat to them.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday: It Doesn't Mean Much When You Work from Home

I had a friend text me this morning and state she was so happy it was Friday. Hmmm...Friday. What's that again? After working from home for so many years I have realized that Friday no longer holds the same joy in my heart. After all, I still work Saturday and Sunday...and sometimes Monday again.

However, this weekend I have made a goal to not work as perhaps this Friday really is something to look forward to.

Today I'm submitting applications to diversify where I write a little more. As a freelance writer you should never solely write for one client. Why? Because if they drop you without notice you have no income and no immediate backup. Ideally a full-time freelance writer working at home should have at least two steady clients and at least 10 filler clients the rest of the month. I have two steady and one filler. Guess I need to diversify a tad more.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Working from Home is Work

I work from home, yet people assume since I work from home I don't really work. Boy is that wrong. In fact, I work MORE than if I had a job outside of my home. Why?

When you work from home you have to balance home stuff (chores, distractions, etc.), children (in my case there are two), and work. Also, clients don't pay you as much when you work at home because they don't have to compensate you for things like travel time, work clothes, gas, etc.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Low Paying Writing Jobs - To Take or Not to Take

I have been a freelance writer for some time and one thing I have noticed is there are some clients who understand freelance writing and others just have no clue. A lot of clients (especially online content clients) will hire you at a low rate and tell you that if you love your job, the pay doesn't matter. A lot of work from home opportunities reel people in with this line and it's not only untrue, it's insulting as a freelance writer.

A low-paying writing job doesn't pay my bills and I am a freelance writer for income -- not hobby, that's what my books are for. Yes, I love my job, but do not tell me to take a job that is low pay because of that fact. You're basically telling me my skills, experiences and abilities don't matter. Gee, thanks.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Yet Another Work from Home Reality - Starting the Day Off Wrong

Today was one of those days that make me dread the fact I work from home. Not because I really hate working at home, but because I hate how at-home issues make me not want to work that day.

I woke up at 5:00am ready to hit the keyboard and make some money. I have tons of writing work piled up -- and it's not going to go anywhere today that's for sure. I go to my trusty Keurig and pop in a pod, pull out my favorite International Delight Heath Bar coffee creamer and hear the Keurig doing it's usual loud sputter. I go to scoop up my steaming mug and sneak into the bedroom to start work and...wait? No coffee? There was nothing but a few piddly drops at the bottom of my mug! I tried every troubleshooting trick in the book  and finally came to the conclusion (sadly might I add) that my precious Keurig was dead. We had a good (almost) two years together, but, why for the love of all things could you not break the day before! You brew one cup at a time and you can't break the day before so I have a warning?!

My 2nd Book is Out! "What I Wish I Knew Before Couponing"

Well my second book is out. This follow-up focuses on the mistakes every couponer makes. While some people figure out these mistakes, others don't. So I highlight them here. It's a fun, light read and I hope everyone enjoys it! It's available for $2.99 in the Amazon store.

Friday, August 9, 2013

My Latest Book

This week only you can get a copy of "How to Coupon: One Cheap Utah Chick's Guide to Getting Started" for just $0.99. This is an introductory rate that ends 8/16/2013! What will you find inside?
This quick read offers you insider couponing tips to get started, including where to find coupons, organizing the ones you have, terminology and tips.

This guide has everything you need to start couponing today. And, you can implement these techniques now -- not a few weeks from now.

Soon to come, "What I Wish I Knew Before Couponing: Common Couponing Mistakes Every Shopper Needs to Know". Expected to release 8/16/2013! This will go over the common mistakes couponers make and help you avoid them from the get-go.

Get your copy of "How to Coupon: One Cheap Utah Chick's Guide to Getting Started" today on Amazon here.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Great Post: 10 Guaranteed Ways to Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas

Got a blog, but feeling a little idealess? has a series post going on right now that discusses 10 sure-fire ways to never run out of ideas. These cover the basics from getting enough sleep to writing immediately after an idea pops into your head. It's a good start especially if you're new to blogging.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sold 7 Copies of My Book "How to Coupon: One Cheap Utah Chick's Guide to Getting Started"

I'm excited! I've already sold seven copies of my book, How to Coupon: One Cheap Utah Chick's Guide to Getting Started. I'm hoping I will sell more soon too.

I'm already working on a follow up book that will cover ALL of the errors coupon to first-time and seasoned couponers. This will be very in-depth and cover a lot of "oopsies" that other couponers have seen. I'm hoping to have this one published by end of next week!

If you haven't already, buy a copy of my book -- it's only $2.99!

Monday, August 5, 2013

How to Coupon: One Cheap Utah Chicks Guide to Getting Started

Yesterday I released an eBook on Amazon for the Kindle and iPhone/iPad. I can't wait to see how it turns out. This how-to guide discusses the basics of couponing and helps individuals get started. I love couponing. As a freelancer, I have to find ways to constantly save money, so I decided couponing was a good start. Then, I realized how difficult couponing could be and after going through all of the leaps, hurdles and mishaps, I decided to write them down and share them with the rest of the world. I'm still working on my novel. I'm thinking I will self-publish it as well through Amazon, Nook and Smashwords.

Check out the eBook though! It's going to be a hit (I hope). You can get your copy for $2.99 here on the Kindle Store. I think I will release a series of these. This one only covers "beginner" stuff and there are a lot of advanced techniques. You can follow my couponing journey on my other blog, by visiting here


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Client Skipped the Bill...Again

You can't win in freelancing. You will be on a role with great paying clients and suddenly yet another one skips the bill. This time it was an Australian client I found on oDesk. They have a wedding site. The client was responsive in the beginning, but after the article disappeared for two weeks. Wrote back saying they loved in, but when I sent a message asking for the payment, they disappeared for another week. Then said they sent the message by accident but would pay for the article that day. No payment. I'm selling the piece elsewhere. That is the main issue with oDesk. You have not guarantee of payment. Elance makes sure clients fund the account before -- no skips. oDesk, however, doesn't care on fixed rate projects if you're paid or not. Unfortunately oDesk has more opportunities and it's likelier to get work there than Elance.

Life of a freelance writer...for sure.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yes I am Alive!

It's been a long and adventurous year and unfortunately this blog was ignored, but never forgotten. Now that things are winding down I'm hoping to pick up where I left off.

Welcome back me.