Saturday, October 1, 2011

Types of Freelance Writing Jobs

Do you enjoy to write, but want to work from home? Well, the freelance writing industry has taken off as a popular way to work from home, make a living and do what you love. Freelance writing is not for everyone, but luckily if you enjoy to write you can find a niche that works for you and possibly turns into a rewarding at-home career.

Content Writers
Content writers have unlimited possibilities in today’s freelance writing industry. Since more companies are turning to the Internet, the demand for quality content is growing. Content writers will write web pages, articles and provide the written word for websites consumers visit every day. To be a content writer, freelancers need to be familiar with SEO and learn how to be a quality writer at a fast pace to earn a worthy dollar. Read up on "Writing Online" -- a helpful guide to learning about SEO, finding online writing jobs and how to be successful in the content writing world.

Doctors offices and pharmaceutical companies are looking for technical writers that can create brochure content, newsletters and more professional pieces that focus on medically-related topics. These types of writers must be very accurate and on task.


Technical writers work on the how-to industry for computers, technology and software. Companies often require that their technical writers have experience in the industry as well as some sort of degree or education in computers or technology. Writers interested in technical writing would benefit from reading "From Idea to Print", which guides technical writers into the industry step-by-step.

Copywriting, Marketing/Advertising
Writers that can create a pitch and sell a product should look into copywriting for marketing and advertising. These types of writers strive to get consumers to take action, purchase a product, sign up for a service, etc. You have to be a successful salesman via the written word to work in this industry.

Catalog writers are still in popular demand. This type of writer has to sell a product, write a back story and create an intrigue in the customer’s mind to purchase a product. These products range from books to clothing to jewellery and the writer must write to compel a person to buy. Demand is still there for this type of freelance writer, but requires experience in writing to get into the industry.

Bloggers are growing in popularity over the past decade, but are typically independent. Though some companies will hire bloggers for their company, most individuals start their own blogs and monetize them. Note that the blogging industry is extremely competitive and requires extensive work on your own, with little rewards in the start. Refer to the Blogging page for more information about blogging for pay.

Resume writers are in high demand. These individuals write attractive resumes for businesses and private individuals. This can be done through resume service companies or independent companies. Writers interested in resume writing should read "The Guide to Writing Unbeatable Resumes" before signing up for resume writing careers.

Business Plans
With today’s economy dwindling, more small businesses are popping up on the radar. In order to fund their dreams, these small business owners must get private funding, which requires an extensive business plan. Writers interested in business plans are required to have business and finance backgrounds, specifically in business plans. Follow up on getting into the business plan industry with "Anatomy of a Business Plan" for step-by-step business plan instructions to increase your skills.

Want to get into the freelance writing industry? Aspiring freelance writers can get inside information on each of these categories in the Savvy Freelancers Guide eBooks coming soon. Become your own boss and take care of your financial security...the savvy way.

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