Monday, January 30, 2012

Bad Egg Alert: Richard Rahlston or DBA Devenia

This client was found on oDesk. Though most clients found on oDesk are honest, this client is not.

He did not pay for his week's worth of assignments from myself and then decided to disappear on both email, oDesk and messenger. oDesk suspended his contract because of other complaints and he is under investigation. I believe he takes his work from another content site and then sends it out to collect money on it.

I will be contacting any site that is posting the articles I wrote to let them know they are not paid for and therefore are being used illegally.

Do not work for this client. See contact names and information below to avoid him. He is based out of the United Kingdom. He calls his company "Devenia" on; however is in no association with the company Devenia Ltd. or

Yahoo Email/Messenger:
oDesk ID: Richardrahl
Company Name (listed on oDesk): Devenia

Clients like this give freelancing a bad name. Now I (and my family) will go without that money I spent all week earning and now I will have to make up an entire week's pay somehow through other or new clients. In all my years of freelancing this is the first time a client has skipped out in such a way. Usually after hassling they finally pay, this one just disappears.


  1. This guy does not, and have never had anything to do with Devenia Ltd. that owns the domain as you are referring to.

    We never use any or other mail addresses. Only

    1. I will adjust the blog. However, on oDesk he represents himself as working for Devenia or calls his company "Devenia". I will remove the web address, however I do have to leave in the reference that he calls his company Devenia, but will state it is not associated with your company.

  2. We have filed a complaint against this fraudter today at oDesk. Hopefully they will react accordingly and ban him for life.

  3. Great! I received a notification today that they were permanently suspended. Still leaves me without payment, but hopefully he cannot do this to another writer in the future.