Monday, September 2, 2013

When You Freelance, Holidays Don't Matter

It's Labor Day! While everyone's off at their family gatherings, BBQs, or just sitting at home enjoying the 3rd day of their three-day weekend I'm working. As a freelance writer, holidays really don't mean much anymore. Especially if you have international clients. I have clients who are from all over, and my holidays don't mean squat to them.

Naturally I refuse to work on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, but I have learned to give up taking other holidays off. It's just part of the freelance writer lifestyle. Actually, it's just part of working at home. When you work at home your hours are certainly yours. I mean, I still choose if I want to work at 8:00am or 11:00pm at night -- well, if the kids let me that is -- but you have to work on days most of your friends, family and significant others are off.

I really don't mind it though. To me holidays, weekends, etc. just don't carry the same meaning and I'm fine with that. While a lot of freelancers working from home freak out at the thought of working on a holiday, I say whatever! I am still working from home, take breaks when I want, start/stop work when I want and get to spend more hours with my kids than most of my friends do.

Sure, my days are jumbled, especially since I mix work and home together in a neat little batter. But, once you bake it all up and serve it, it's quite nice. I wouldn't give up my work at home lifestyle what-so-ever. Even if that means I'm working while everyone else is grilling.

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