Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday: It Doesn't Mean Much When You Work from Home

I had a friend text me this morning and state she was so happy it was Friday. Hmmm...Friday. What's that again? After working from home for so many years I have realized that Friday no longer holds the same joy in my heart. After all, I still work Saturday and Sunday...and sometimes Monday again.

However, this weekend I have made a goal to not work as perhaps this Friday really is something to look forward to.

Today I'm submitting applications to diversify where I write a little more. As a freelance writer you should never solely write for one client. Why? Because if they drop you without notice you have no income and no immediate backup. Ideally a full-time freelance writer working at home should have at least two steady clients and at least 10 filler clients the rest of the month. I have two steady and one filler. Guess I need to diversify a tad more.

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