Saturday, September 17, 2011

End of the Week Report

Normally I end my week on Sunday morning, however today I could not find my writer's mojo. I woke up at 6:00am with every intention of writing, but it seems cleaning was more appealing to my tired mind.

Each week I set goals for how many articles I will complete and an overall earnings goal. This week my goal was a rather simple one -- $500. Every freelance writer should set a weekly and monthly goal. This is the last week my goal will be $500. In fact, next week's goal is $750 and the week after that I'm bumping it to $1,000. Time to buckle down, work and get ready for Christmas -- that means new schedule.

Tip of the Day:
Set a schedule for your work week. Whether it is two hours one day and 10 the next; a schedule will get the job done. For example, I have a schedule based around my son's visitation, school and life in general. I work Tuesday through Saturday (taking Sunday and Monday off). I wake up each day at 6:30 to start working and try to have everything done by 2:00pm. On days my son is at preschools (two days per week), I set higher daily goals since I have more alone time to get them done. No matter the day, I still try to get done by 2:00pm. What's your schedule? Feel free to share your opinion on schedules and what works for you.

So how much did I make this week?

This Week's Goal: $500
Actual Earnings: $656

Next Week's Goal: $750

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