Monday, September 12, 2011

Who Am I?: Path of Writer Discovery

Some people wake up and just know what they are going to be as they get older -- they are the lucky ones. Or perhaps the foolish ones? I too thought I knew what I would be when I “grew up”. Boy was I wrong. If someone asked me ten years ago what I would be when I got older, a writer would not be the answer. So how did I get here? Good question.

As I was growing up I always thought I would be a doctor. Who wouldn’t want to be a doctor? The money, the prestige, the status!? I went through high school and even college ready to take on the medical field. I sought out a Bachelor in Psychology and minor in Biology. I was even pre-accepted to medical school and studied the MCAT like it was the test to save my life. So did I go to medical school? After almost $30k in student loans, I did not. Where did I go?

I went to culinary school! I loved to cook, so why not be a chef? Granted, I think this was a good career choice, however, the culinary/restaurant field was not for me. I enjoyed making wedding cakes and doing cake art, rather than making a slab of beef look like perfection on a white plate. I opened my own catering/wedding cake business and did quite well for a few years. I even competed in cake competitions and showed up to wedding expos. However, after years of taking the beatings of brides and their insanity, the love and passion I had for wedding cakes really went out the window. I felt lost, stuck and certainly broke.

By this time I had a one year old son and was recently separated from his father, whom I loved staying at home with. I decided I wanted to work from home. Though, anyone who has had that dream knows there is nothing but scams out there. So I started looking into freelance sites. I could freelance as a virtual assistant, but what a boring job that seemed like. Then I saw writing. I had always been a talented writer. I wrote my own novel at 13 (which today I’m sure would be laughed at by any book publisher or editor) and I constantly blogged. Why had I not thought of writing before? I signed up for a few freelance writing jobs -- mainly content or cheap articles; all of which paid a measly $1.00 per 500 words.

I continued to work my butt off for little pay, but then I started getting more jobs and more offers for writing. Before I knew it was offered $17 per hour or even $20 per 500 word article….and now here I am….still writing.

I think I was destined to be a writer. Words come naturally to me, but I still have that ability to showcase a little personality, even if it’s an article about mulch (yes, I have done that). Took me 27 years to find my path and now I’m on it. Working on my own novel, a screenplay and I am still writing articles for companies and all from the luxury of home. It was hard work to get here and it will be hard work to get further, but at least I found my dream.

My son is now two, almost three. I live with the most amazing man who loves my son and I and supports me in what I do. I work every day to be a good mother, a good friend, a good partner and of course, a good writer. Working from home isn’t easy, but I am doing what I love with the people I love and that is all that matters to me.

Welcome to my life…the life of a freelance writer.

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