Monday, April 16, 2012

Delirium by Lauren Oliver | Review

So I sat down and started reading "Delirium" by Lauren Oliver a few days ago. Desperate for something to replace "The Hunger Games" I thought I would give it a shot. It definitely had some pros, but also a few cons that left me sort of reading it because I had to more than I actually wanted to.

The Story Line
Girl living in a Dystopian society where love was considered a disease that could destroy the world. At a specific age there was a procedure done to remove the ability to love from these teenager's heads and the main character goes on an epic struggle to find out love is a good thing and escape from this oppressed way of living.

...typical sorta.

I give Oliver props for having "love" as a disease, but it was quite cliche to me. You knew from the second you read that it was about love the girl would obviously be falling in love. I found myself kind of annoyed through the whole book and kept reading, but the cliches were endless.

That being said, I give Oliver props for having a book that was extremely well-written. Her descriptions were beautiful, dialogue was engaging and though the plot was so-so, I wasn't disappointed. The next book is "Pandemonium", which I will most likely read.

Scale of 1-10?

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