Sunday, April 15, 2012

"Validity": First Draft Done...Now Where?

My first draft is complete. 

Actually, it has been complete for the past two days. I stare at this pile of papers and think "Nice", but then I shiver with fear thinking about how I have to go through it all and spruce it up for Draft #2. Part of me is in fear, the other in awe, the other just downright brain dead. Churning out a novel in five days really takes something out of your brain -- or perhaps my brain fell out. Not really sure there.

I have read through and know there are some inconsistencies that will need fluffing and repair. As I read it I decided there was one part of the plot I wanted to change out entirely, which means about 20,000 words will be replaced. 

Some would say that is because I didn't outline. Nah...It's because I am a writer. Our minds, our creativities, everything that drives behind that novel production changes with the wind, the time and the temperature outside. 

This is my first novel. I want to wow, inspire and scare those who read it all at once. Is it fine as it is? Honestly yes. I just don't feel this is how I want to debut into the novel writing world. I'm a perfectionist for sure, but a realist too. I want my first novel to come out of the gates grabbing, biting and smacking those in the similar industry down to the dust. I want to run for the finish line and say "Yes! I did it!" and now I won with the best foot I put forward -- not just the OK version.

So that being said, I sit here with a stack of papers staring at them and highlighting portions that will transfer over into the revamped version and crossing out anything useless for the new plot idea. It will be interesting for sure, but the idea I have brewing within my mind is one that I think will take my idea that much further.

What is the idea? Hmmm...can't say. Unfortunately with the rise in Dystopian novels it seems as though I might get lost in the flood; therefore, I'm making something a little more outrageous. I'm also taking a risk by breaking some novel-writing do's and dont's, but hey...if you want to go big, you can't exactly follow someone's pristine template. 

For now, my book, who I have taken and cultivated under my wing like a child has been named "Validity". Will that change? Probably so. 

More updates to come on my first novel soon.

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